Is New Homes of Greensboro a builder? No. New Homes of Greensboro markets lots for sale in subdivisions developed by Byron Development and its staff serves as the liaison between builders, homebuyers and the community developer. It’s real estate affiliate, New Homes of Greensboro Realty, offers general real estate brokerage services to clients interested in selling or buying a home anywhere in the Triad.

Can I buy a lot and bring my own builder and plans? Yes, individual buyers can bring their preferred builders and plans. Byron Development’s Architectural Committee will evaluate to make sure it meets standards of quality and the criteria laid out in the covenants and restrictions. This approval process may take up to four weeks, but usually takes a week or less.

We don’t have a builder, can you recommend one? We’re happy to set up meetings with the builder of your choice or you can interview any of our already participating builders (see list). We’ll set up initial meetings at our office and provide any assistance you might require during the selection process.

Can a builder bring their own broker/realtor? We encourage it! We understand the value of productive partnerships and encourage builders to bring their preferred brokers.

I’m a builder, but don’t have a realtor. Can you assist? Yes, our affiliate realty company, New Homes of Greensboro Realty, can provide you with real estate brokerage services for your individual listings.

I’m a broker and one of my clients is interested in new construction. Can you work with me on this? Yes, call us! If you’re a real estate broker and have a client interested in new construction, we’ll be happy to set up an appointment to show them the available inventory of lots in any of our sub-divisions. Log into our website to see what’s available.

Is new construction for me? If not certain whether new construction is right for you, we’ll be happy to set up a consultation meeting and take you through the pros and cons of the process. We can show you what builders have done before in our subdivisions, contact you with people who have gone through the experience already, suggest suppliers and offer anything you might need to make an informed decision. Spec houses are also available if you want a less involved hand in the process.

What is a spec home? It’s a home that a builder constructs with the understanding that someone will fall in love with it and want to buy it. These homes are usually at or near completion which means a buyer could move in into a new house quicker. Buyers can see what they’re buying before the purchase.

How long does it take to build a new house? Six to nine months, depending on weather conditions and other variables.

I just moved to Greensboro and I’m not sure if I’m ready to build or buy an existing home. What do you suggest? You can setup a consultation meeting with us and we can relate all the pros and cons of the process. If you decide you’re not ready for new construction yet, we can connect you with agents that specialize on rental properties or have any of our New Homes of Greensboro Realty agents show you other available listings for sale in the market.

I want to buy a new home, but need to sell mine first. Can you help? Yes. Our real estate affiliate, New Homes of Greensboro Realty, can help.

Can you refer me to a bank lender? Yes, we can refer you to lenders in the area we have successfully worked with in the past.

Do you have Spanish-speaking representatives? Yes, we have Spanish-speaking representatives.

Do you offer relocation services? We have extensive relocation expertise and thrive on working with newcomers to the area.